Jonathan Cohn in writing about Romney's changing opinions on the auto bailout, reprints a number of tweets from Oliver Willis. The idea is that Romney's got a bandwagon problem. He was against going into Pakistan to get bin Laden, at least until it was done successfully. He was against the auto bailout, at least until it was done successfully. Here he is throughout history:

romney 1774: "anyone else think its time we stop being british subjects?"

romney was in the colts draft room the day they got peyton manning: "gentlemen, i just feel it in my gut.

romney: "yeah, stan, what if we make the lead character a teenager, and have him bitten by something like... a spider?

romney: "sorry to interrupt this gathering of cavemen, but have you fellows considered 'fire'?

romney: "bill, this stuff is good... but have you tried writing it in iambic pentameter?"

My favorite—Of course!—is the Shakespeare one, even if it is historically inaccurate. Shakespeare was always referred to as "Bill-heim."