I was on a highway today and saw the only giant, fuel-guzzling, fume-spewing truck that makes me smile. I've seen Kane trucks before, but I've been unable to get a photo for fear of driving into the guardrail. After a brief search I found one[1] that's close.

KANE is able!

The one's I've seen have been slightly different and read: BE KIND, BE CAREFUL, BE YOURSELF -- KANE is able!

The bizarre play off a particularly gruesome Bible story is oddly amusing, but it's the unexpected encouragement that I enjoy so much. Random and refreshing. And the thing is, there is absolutely no commercial reason for it! Most companies use their trucks as moving billboards, advertising their own products or services. Kane Trucking uses the backs of theirs just to be friendly.

I suppose it's a sad statement about our society (or me) that I'm grateful for a simple thoughtful expression printed on the back of a truck.

[1] Thanks to Hank's Web Site, a celebration of big rigs, for the photo.